02 November, 2012


burj al alam, the world tower, dubai, skyscraper, future, construction

The Burj Al Alam (English: "World Tower") is a proposed 108-story, 510 m (1,670 ft) hyperboloid skyscraper in the Business Bay area of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, though the project's roots are in a 101-storey design called "Fortune 101" and slated for the Dubai Marina area. It is designed to resemble a crystal flower. If constructed, it would become one of the world's tallest buildings. The tower is one of the projects of the Fortune Group, which also has a number of other projects in Dubai such as the Fortune Bay (Dubai) and Fortune Tower.

burj al alam, the world tower, dubai, skyscraper, future, construction

The proposed building would contain 74 floors of office space, a retail area at the base, and a high-end hotel and serviced apartments in the top 27 floors. A luxury 5-star hotel section would contain the highest hotel rooms in the world. The building would also feature a 6-storey crown that will contain a Turkish bath, sky garden, and other club facilities. Ground breaking occurred on 12 November 2006 with the tower slated for completion in 2009, but the project was dogged by delays in payments from investors due to the global financial crisis. Construction of the tower was put on hold just after piling work on the foundations was completed. A report in 2009, at which point the main contractor for construction had not yet been selected, stated the structure was expected to be completed in 2012 however thus far there is little sign of activity at the site since that date, or of further statements regarding progress. As of August 2012, satellite maps of the site reveal only a pit dug out for foundations, which is now filled with water.



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